Private training (1 on 1)

3x a week- $270 biweekly 

2x a week-$180 biweekly

1x a week-$100 biweekly 


Open Training session (1-5 people)


3x a week-$180 biweekly

2x a week- $120 biweekly






Cancellation fee

*Cancellation at the last minute is considered any notice of not showing up within 2 hours of appointment 

*Cancellations (in advance) on the same day of appointment is only allowed once a month and has a fee of 1 session for private and/or open group session

*Failing to set up an appointment within a week will result in a lost session all the way to deactivation


**All sales are final no refund


**Discounts offered only during consultations**

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