Private training Plus+ (1 on 1)

+app free

3x a week- $360 biweekly

2x a week-$240 biweekly

1x a week-$160 biweekly 

Drop in Private- $80


Semi Private

+app free


3x a week- $210 biweekly (per person)

2x a week-$140 biweekly (per person)

1x a week-$100 biweekly (per person)

Drop in Semi Private- $45

New Meal Plan:

1 day-$35

1 week plan $150

Train 300 workout, body tracking, and meal plan app

$4.99 month





Cancellation fee

*Cancellation at the last minute is considered any notice of not showing up within 2 hours of appointment 

*Cancellations (in advance) on the same day of appointment is only allowed once a month and has a fee of 1 session for private and/or open group session

*Failing to set up an appointment within a week will result in a lost session all the way to deactivation


**All sales are final no refund


**Discounts offered only during consultations**

Train 300 Website Access

listed below**

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Order summary

PlanGym Blast Thursday
Duration1 week

Class Is every Thursday at 7pm Address is 4701 Delor St 63116 Relentless Fitness Gym (next to Dollar General) please show up on time (classes are non refundable and non transferable) 316-681-9635 for customer assistance

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